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Lyz Evans

Lyz is the founder of Women In Focus Physiotherapy. An industry leading pelvic health clinic in Sydney. She has her Masters in Women’s health and Continence Physiotherapy and is also a mum of two herself.

Articles written by Lyz
Let’s start by clarifying that abdominal muscle separation is a normal physiological change that occurs in  66% – 100% of women by the third trimester of pregnancy. This is basically your belly muscles moving to make room for your baby. It should not be feared, rather embraced. If it wasn’t for our bodies ability to separate the abdominal muscles, our abdominals would be A LOT worse off...
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As we know, pregnancy is a massive time of change. The size of your breasts, abdomen, the rate at which you breathe, the amount you pee (never-ending), and your bowels are all affected when creating a new life. Let’s face it, talking about the bowel isn’t really a top priority of most during pregnancy, as it’s far more exciting to discuss topics such as baby names and pram choices....
Sneezing and not worrying about the aftermath is a luxury that for around 50% of women disappears in the pregnancy or after birth.  After growing and delivering a new life into the world, the body has had to  soften and loosen quite a lot. The pelvic and abdominal region essentially house the growing fetus through the pregnancy which in order to do so have had to elongate and widen...
Many women find the pelvic floor a hard concept to grasp. Unlike other muscles in the body, such as the bicep, the pelvic floor is hidden from view, and as a result is one of the most challenging muscles to connect with. More than 50% of the female population doesn’t know how to do a correct pelvic floor contraction, with 25% actually doing it in a detrimental way. No wonder 1/10 women need...
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Historically women have been encouraged to stick to walking or very light exercise such as yoga or swimming when it comes to exercising during pregnancy. Interestingly, pregnancy complications such as GDB, pre-eclampsia, Gestational HT and newborn macrosomia have risen dramatically over the last 3 decades – likely due to increasing rates of maternal obesity. Less than 15% of pregnant women...
Labour & Birth
It’s no secret that your body goes through a significant amount of change in the pregnancy, birth and postnatal journey. Your breasts, abdomen, body weight, pelvic floor, pelvis, ribs, lower back, and well,  pretty much every area of the body will be affected in some way.  It truly is an incredible thing to become a mother, but with these physical changes can come things such as pain,...
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