Genevieve Mellberg

Vee is a former American college student working in Australia this summer. Though they don’t have any kids of their own, they’ve enjoyed teaching at preschools and kids’ dance schools these past few years. You can usually find them making music, painting, or hanging around any nearby animals.

Articles written by Genevieve

Baby Names
These are the banned baby names in Australia (and we can see why)
It’s about time to pick a name for your precious new bub, and you can’t wait to look through the endless lists of baby names to find the perfect one. Well… not quite endless. According to naming laws, there are actually over 80 banned baby names in Australia!
Astrology for babies – literally! Decoding your child’s personality based on their star sign
We all wish we could have a little insight into what our child might be like before we meet them. That’s where astrology can help! If you don’t know much about astrology, we’ll go over some of the basics before diving into specific stats about each sign.
Make your toddler’s development child’s play with these fantastic toys
It won’t surprise you that toddlers are in an important stage of development in every way. Their motor skills, coordination, communication, and cognitive abilities are changing rapidly. As parents, we can actually encourage these to grow stronger with the right tools. Enter: toys!
Out & About
These toddler backpacks are sturdy, affordable and too cute for words
Toddlers are finally at that age where it’s time to start carrying their own stuff and going off on their own. Well, maybe not fully on their own, but they’re a bit more independent than before. With that independence comes a new necessity: backpacks!
How to establish a healthy work/feeding balance with a new baby
As maternity/paternity leave is coming to an end, it can seem like you’ll never be able to balance work and a baby all at once. The good news is even though it is difficult at times,  you’re never alone! Every working parent deals with it in some capacity, and there are tons of resources available to help you through it. For the best success, we’ve compiled a list of top tips,...
Our top 10 favourite breast pumps – for all boobs and budgets
If you’re a pregnant person nearing the finish line, you may be starting to wonder about breast pumps. Will I need one? What’s the best one? What’s the typical price range? We’re going to answer these questions and more!