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Jessica Bosco

Jessica is a writer, editor and professional wrangler of two boys.
Working in women's lifestyle publishing for over 15 years she has written about everything from fashion and beauty to royal weddings and true crime. These days she loves helping parents navigate pregnancy and the early years of raising little ones...

Articles written by Jessica
Ah breastfeeding! That wonderful, life giving, nurturing, bonding experience that can be the biggest mind f*ck you are likely ever to experience in your life.
Does anyone else feel like their Christmas shopping list just gets bigger every year? Don’t get me wrong I love Christmas shopping, in fact, I live for it each year, but I also pride myself on giving gifts people actually want/love/use. I hate the thought of giving someone something they don’t like or will never use. It’s wasteful – and also I’m competitive and love a...
It can get seriously overwhelming preparing for your baby to arrive! Whether it’s planning out your nursery or everything else they are going to need, a quick google of baby checklist will see you inundated with lists that go on and on AND ON. And while yes there are some essentials that you will definitely need i.e. a safe space to sleep, something to keep them clothed and warm, nappies…...
I’ll never forget when a friend of mine welcomed her beautiful new baby into the world, only to be reduced to tears by a midwife just hours later for not breastfeeding her child. Had the midwife taken a moment to speak with her before stepping onto her soapbox, she would have realised my friend had lost part of her breast in an accident when she was younger and therefore her body did not...
They say that passing a kidney stone is the only thing that’s as close to – if not more painful than – childbirth. But do kidney stones come with nine months of hormones, sickness, tiredness, discomfort, hyper-emotions and result in the most life-altering experience of your life? No, didn’t think so.
Remember when you fell pregnant for the very first time? Suddenly it was like you became this holier-than-thou unicorn creature that must be nurtured and protected at all costs. You were to rest and be fanned with palm leaves at all times, fed grapes (read: chocolate ice-cream, salt & vinegar chips and two-minute noodles) and you dared not lift a finger around the house.
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