Pronunciation: le-e-lle-e
Origin: Italy

Emmy Samtani

Emmy Samtani

Emmy is the founder of Kiindred and mother to 3 little ones. Over the last 4 years, she has worked with some of the most credible experts in the parenting space and is a keen contributor on all things parenthood.
Region Origin: Southern Europe

The name Lilly, a Latin-origin feminine name, is derived from the word 'Lilium,' which means 'lily flower'. The name is often associated with the beauty, purity, and symbolism of the lily flower in various cultures. It is traditionally used as a girl's name and became particularly popular alongside other flower names for girls during the 1800s. The name Lilly has multiple life-affirming meanings, including 'pure,' 'rebirth,' and 'passion'. In Christian art, the lily flower is considered a symbol of purity and innocence. According to legends, white lilies were believed to have grown in the Garden of Eden from the tears of Eve's remorse. In the Bible, the flower is called the 'white-robbed apostles of hope'. The name Lilly is pronounced as LIL-ee.

Lilly Name Popularity Data

chat-overall Overall: Lilly is currently #147 on Kiindred
gender-female Girl: Lilly is currently #63 on Kiindred Girl Names
gender-male Overall Unique: Lilly is currently #144 on Kiindred Unique Names
gender-female Girl Unique: Lilly is currently #63 on Kiindred Girl Unique Names

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Famous People Named Lilly

  • Lilly Wachowski: Lilly Wachowski is an American filmmaker, director, and producer known for co-creating "The Matrix" and "Sense8" with her sister Lana Wachowski.