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Origin: Georgia
Region Origin: Western Asia

The name Tina is a girl's name of Latin origin, often used as a nickname for Christina. It has several meanings, including "follower of Christ," "majestic," "warlike," "healthy," and "strong". The name Tina has its origins in Ancient Greek and has been used as a given name for girls. It has also been associated with the Old English words "tyne" or "tyna," meaning "river". Tina is well-known not only in the US but also in Australia, Canada, France, Latvia, Norway, Slovenia, and England and Wales. Tina is often considered a diminutive of names like Christina and Martina, and its masculine counterpart is Tino or Tin. The name is used as a short form for names in several languages, such as Agostina in Italian, Aventina and Avgustina in Russian, and Catharina in Dutch.

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