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Origin: Spain
Region Origin: Southern Europe

Maria is a feminine name with origins in Latin, Hebrew, and Greek, holding multiple meanings such as "star of the sea," "bitterness," and "beloved". It is a form of the name Mary, which is closely associated with the Virgin Mary, a highly revered figure in Christianity and Islam. The name Maria is derived from the Latin word "mare," meaning sea, and may also have ties to the Roman god of war, Mars. Additionally, Maria shares origins with the Hebrew name Miriam, which has connections to "bitter sea," "strong waters," and "star of the sea". The name Maria has a rich history and cultural significance. It was frequently given in Southern Europe during the medieval period and has been used to honor specific titles of Mary, feast days associated with Mary, and specific Marian apparitions. In Germanic languages, the name's usage is connected to the Germanic element "mar," meaning "famous". The name Maria has evolved over time to be used as both a feminine and masculine middle name, signifying patronage of the Virgin Mary in French-speaking countries and some Central European countries.

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