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Origin: Russian Federation
Region Origin: Eastern Europe

Anastasia is a feminine given name of Greek and Russian origin, derived from the Greek word "anástasis" (ἀνάστασισ), meaning "resurrection". The name is a popular one in Eastern Europe and has been given to many Greek and Russian women throughout history. Anastasia is the feminine form of the male name Anastasius, which also shares the meaning of "resurrection". The name is closely associated with faith, making it an ideal choice for those born around Christmas or Easter. The name Anastasia has a rich history, with several early saints bearing the name, such as Anastasia of Sirmium from the 3rd century. The name has also been popularized through various literary and cinematic adaptations, including the story of the lost daughter of the last czar of Russia, Anastasia Romanov. This historical figure's tale has been told and retold in books and movies, contributing to the name's global recognition and popularity.

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