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Origin: Israel
Region Origin: Western Asia

Donna, an English-language feminine first name, has its origins in modern Italian, where it means "woman," and in classical Italian, where it means "lady" or "mistress". The original meaning of the name is closer to "lady of the home" and was used as a title of respect in Italy, equivalent to "Don" for gentlemen or lords. The name Donna is derived from the Italian word "donna," which is from the Latin word "domina," meaning 'mistress'. Apart from its Italian origins, Donna can also be used as a feminine variation of the name Donald, which has Scottish Gaelic roots. The name Donald comes from Dòmhnall, which means 'ruler of the world' and is composed of the Old Irish words 'domun,' meaning 'fortune' or 'world,' and 'dun,' meaning 'hill' or 'mountain'. In addition to being a popular first name for girls, Donna is also a surname with Italian roots, originating from a medieval personal name.

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