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Origin: Italy
Region Origin: Southern Europe

Angela is a girl's name with Greek and Latin roots, meaning "messenger" or "messenger of God". The name is derived from the Greek word "Angelos," which translates to "angel" and has since acquired its "messenger of God" definition from the Bible. Angela is also a shortened version of the Greek name 'Angelos,' meaning 'messenger' or 'angel'. In Greek mythology, Angelos was a heavenly messenger who acted as a bridge between the gods and humans. The name Angela has a variety of meanings and origins in different cultures and languages. It is derived from the Italian word 'Angelo,' which means 'angel'. In Spanish, Angela is a shortened form of 'Angelica,' which means 'angelic'. The name shares many spin-offs like Angelina and Angelica, or you can opt for Angie as an adorable nickname. The name Angela became popular in Europe, particularly in Italy and Spain, during the Medieval Ages and grew more popular in English-speaking countries, especially the US, with European settlers in the 19th and 20th centuries.

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