Pronunciation: a-hshle-he-e
Origin: United Kingdom

Emmy Samtani

Emmy Samtani

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Region Origin: Europe

Ashley is a gender-neutral name of Old English origin, meaning "ash tree meadow". It is derived from the combination of the words "æsc" (ash) and "leah" (meadow or forest glade). Ashley was originally an Old English surname and has been used as both a male and female name. In the 1960s, it started being used for girls as well. The name is popular in both the UK and the United States, ranking in the top 50-300 names for boys in the UK and being more commonly given to girls in the United States. The origin of the name Ashley can be traced back to England in the 1500s, where it was initially a last name. It gained popularity in the 1800s due to Anthony Ashley-Cooper, the 7th Earl of Shaftesbury, a social reformer and politician. In the United States, the name Ashley became popular in the 1980s, with spelling variations such as Ashlee, Ashleigh, and Ashlie also in use. Notable people named Ashley include Ashley Ambrose (American football), Ashley Banjo (English dancer), and Ashley Barnes (English footballer). The name Ashley symbolizes strength, bravery, and a connection to nature.

Ashley Name Popularity Data

chat-overall Overall: Ashley is currently #294 on Kiindred
gender-female Girl: Ashley is currently #149 on Kiindred Girl Names
gender-male Overall Unique: Ashley is currently #291 on Kiindred Unique Names
gender-female Girl Unique: Ashley is currently #149 on Kiindred Girl Unique Names

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Famous People Named Ashley

  • Ashley Judd: Ashley Judd is an American actress and political activist known for her roles in films such as "Double Jeopardy," "Heat," and "Divergent."
  • Ashley Olsen: Ashley Olsen is an American actress, fashion designer, and businesswoman, known for her work in television and film alongside her twin sister Mary-Kate Olsen.
  • Ashley Tisdale: Ashley Tisdale is an American actress, singer, and producer known for her roles in "High School Musical," "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody," and "Scary Movie 5."
  • Ashley Benson: Ashley Benson is an American actress and model known for her role as Hanna Marin in the television series "Pretty Little Liars."
  • Ashley Greene: born in 1987, is an American actress. She is known for playing Alice Cullen in the film adaptations of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight novels. Her roles in the Twilight series have made her a household name among young audiences.