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Origin: Portugal
Region Origin: Southern Europe

Clara is a feminine name with Latin origins, meaning "bright" and "famous". It is derived from the Late Latin name Clarus, which meant "clear, bright, and famous". The name has a rich history and has been used since the medieval ages, with variations such as Klara (German, Swedish, and Danish), Chiara (Italian), and Claire (French). The name Clara gained popularity in the 13th century when it was popularized by Saint Clare of Assisi, an Italian saint and one of the first followers of Saint Francis of Assisi. She established the Order of Poor Ladies, also known as the Poor Clares, a female Franciscan monastic society, and authored their Rule of Life, the first set of monastic rules in Christianity written by a woman. The name Clara has experienced a resurgence in popularity since the 1990s and is currently one of the most preferred names for baby girls in the United States.

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