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Origin: Poland
Region Origin: Eastern Europe

Damian is a gender-neutral name with origins in ancient Greek, specifically related to the names Damianos and Damon, which mean "to tame" and "subdue". The name has been embraced in various cultures, including Irish homes and upper-class England, and is associated with Christianity. It is derived from the Greek word "δαμάζω" (damazo), which means "to tame". The name's popularity may be attributed to its positive links with Christianity, as well as its connection to Greek mythology. Saint Damian was a renowned healer and 4th-century Christian martyr who became the patron saint of physicians. Additionally, the name shares ties to Damia, the Greek Goddess of fertility. Well-known people named Damian include actor Damian Lewis, basketball player Damian Lillard, and singer Damian Marley.

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