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Origin: Denmark
Region Origin: Northern Europe

The name Allan is a baby boy name of mixed origins, primarily meaning "handsome" and "cheerful" in Irish. It is also associated with the Celtic name Alun and is recognized in Great Britain with the meaning "little rock". The name has a rich history, originating in Celtic and Irish cultures, and has since spread to various regions, including the Philippines, Brazil, and the United States. The name Allan has its roots in the Celtic origin and is derived from the Irish word "álainn," which means "beautiful". It is also associated with the Welsh language and the Proto-Celtic *alouno-, which denotes "either". The name has taken different forms in various languages, such as Scots Gaelic àlainn, which also means "beautiful". In England, the given names Allan and Allen are less popular than Alan, but in America, all three forms are generally about the same in popularity.

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