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Origin: South Africa
Region Origin: Southern Africa

Brendan is an Irish masculine given name that has its origins in the Gaelic name Breandán, which is derived from the earlier Old Irish Brénainn. The Old Welsh root of the name, breenhin, means "prince" or "king". The name has several variations, including Breanndán, Bhreandán, and Bhreandáin. It is also associated with the Latin form Brendanus and the Old English term "brōm dūn," which means "the hill of gorse". The name Brendan is culturally significant in Ireland, as it is associated with St. Brendan the Navigator, an early Irish saint who was one of the Twelve Apostles of Ireland. St. Brendan is venerated by the Catholic Church, and his feast day is observed on May 16th. In addition to its religious associations, the name Brendan has been borne by several notable figures, such as playwright and poet Brendan Behan, actor Brendan Fraser, and actor Brendan Gleeson.

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