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Origin: Ukraine
Region Origin: Eastern Europe

The name Andrew is a masculine Greek name meaning "strong" or "manly". It is derived from the Greek name Andreas, which is related to the Greek word for "man," aner. The name has its roots in the Bible, as Andrew was one of Jesus' twelve apostles and the first disciple to follow him. He was the brother of Simon Peter and is often depicted as a fisherman. The name Andrew has been popular for centuries in various cultures and is one of the most popular names in the Western world. The meaning of the name Andrew varies slightly depending on the language and culture. In English, it means "manly" or "warrior". In French, it is André, which means "manly" or "brave". In Spanish, it is Andrés, which means "manly" or "strong". In Italian, it is Andrea, which means "manly" or "courageous". No matter what language you speak, the name Andrew conveys strength and masculinity, making it a classic and timeless choice for those looking for a strong and meaningful name.

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