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Origin: France
Region Origin: Western Europe

Theodore is a masculine given name with a rich history and a powerful meaning. The name has its origins in Ancient Greek, where it is derived from the words "theos" meaning "god" and "dṓron" meaning "gift". Combining these two words, Theodore means "gift of God(s)". The name has been used across various cultures and languages and has been popular in different historical periods, including the Middle Ages. It has also been associated with several early Christian saints and notable figures throughout time, such as Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States. The name Theodore has a strong meaning and a classic appeal, making it an attractive choice for parents. Some popular variations of the name include Theodor, Ted, and Theo. The feminine form of Theodore is Theodora, and other names with similar meanings include Dorothy and Godiva, both of which also mean "gift of God(s)".

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