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Origin: Slovakia
Region Origin: Eastern Europe

The name Peter is a common masculine given name derived directly from the Greek word Πέτρος (Petros), which means "stone" or "rock". The name is a translation of the Aramaic name Kefa, also meaning "stone" or "rock". This name is of great significance in the Bible, as Jesus gave the name Petros to the apostle Simon Bar-Jona, symbolizing his role as the rock or foundation of the church. The name Peter has been used in various forms across different languages and cultures, and it remains a popular choice for parents who want to raise their child in their faith. The origin of the name Peter can be traced back to the Greek word Πέτρος (Petros). This name was later translated into Aramaic as Kefa, and it was from this translation that Jesus bestowed the name upon the apostle Simon. The name Peter has since been used in numerous variations across various languages and cultures, including Afrikaans (Pieter, Petrus), Albanian (Pjetër, Prel), Amharic (ጴጥሮስ), Arabic (Boutros, Pierre, Peter), and many more. The name Peter has also been borne by rulers of Aragon, Portugal, and Russia, as well as by famous saints such as Saint Peter Damian and Saint Peter the Great.

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