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Origin: Kenya
Region Origin: Eastern Africa

The name Philip is derived from the Greek name Φιλιππος (Philippos), which means "lover of horses" or "fond of horses". The name is prominent in both Greek mythology and biblical narratives, and it has been adopted by various kings, emperors, and saints throughout history. In its origin, the word "providence" is derived from the Latin "providentia" and the Greek "pronoia". These words primarily signify prescience or foresight, but they have gradually acquired other meanings related to the provision and care that God exercises over creation. In theological contexts, providence refers to the continued exercise of divine energy by God, who is operative in all that comes to pass in the world and directs all things to their appointed end. This concept includes preservation (conservatio, sustentatio), concurrence or cooperation (concursus, co-operatio), and government (gubernatio).

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