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Origin: Denmark
Region Origin: Northern Europe

The name Carter has its origins in Irish, English, and Scottish languages, and it is primarily an occupational name derived from someone who used a wagon or cart to transport goods from place to place. The name can also stem from the Gaelic word 'cairtear,' which describes someone who is a traveler or non-native. Additionally, Carter is related to the Gaelic word 'cairt,' meaning cart, and ultimately from the Latin 'carettarius'. The name Carter has evolved over time and has been used as both a surname and a given name. It was established when the British invaded Ireland, and the integration of language, religion, and customs resulted in a unique culture. Later, when the British settlers arrived in America, they brought this unique name, rich with history, to its shores. Today, Carter can be both trendy and traditional, depending on the context. Traditionally, Carter is an English-origin surname, and as a first name, it has Gaelic and Irish roots. In recent years, Carter has experienced a massive surge in popularity as a first name.

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