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Origin: Ghana
Region Origin: Western Africa

Conor is a male given name of Irish origin, meaning "Lover of Wolves" or "Lover of Hounds". It is derived from the Gaelic name Conchobhar, which is associated with the title of the legendary king of Ulster in Irish mythology. The name has become popular in the English-speaking world, and alternative spellings include Connor, Conner, and sometimes Konnor. In English, Conor also means "lover of wolves," derived from the Latin word "canis lupus," which translates to "wolf". The name Conor has a rich history and deep cultural significance, with its origins in Irish mythology and language. In addition to its association with the legendary king of Ulster, the name Conor has various interpretations and meanings, such as "lover of hounds" or "high desire". The Gaelic word "conn" is also connected to the name Conor, which means "wisdom" and "strength". Today, Conor is a popular name choice for parents due to its strong, simple sound and its connection to Irish heritage and mythology.

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