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Origin: Sri Lanka
Region Origin: Southern Asia

Nathan is a masculine given name of Hebrew origin, derived from the Hebrew verb נָתָן, meaning "gave". The name has been translated in Jewish culture as "he has given" or "gift from God". In the Bible, Nathan is the name of a prophet who lived during the time of Kings David and Solomon, and the name of King David's third son. The name has been used as a Christian given name since the 19th century. Notable people with the name Nathan include those from various fields, such as athletes, musicians, actors, and religious figures. Some famous people named Nathan are: Nathan Adrian (Olympian), Nathan Fillion (actor), Nathan Kress (TV actor), Nathan Lane (stage actor), and Nathan MacKinnon (hockey player). The name Nathan is also associated with strong guidance, faithfulness, and courage, symbolizing a virtuous, honorable, and loyal individual.

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