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Origin: Netherlands
Region Origin: Western Europe

The name Jesse has its origins in Hebrew, English, and Dutch, and it is primarily a boy's name, although it could also be another spelling of the female name Jessie. The meaning of Jesse varies, with some interpretations being "God's gift," "the Lord exists," or "king". In the Bible, Jesse is the shepherd father of King David, making it a name with both historical and biblical significance. The name Jesse has a long history, but it did not become popular until the late 1800s. Its popularity fluctuated throughout the twentieth century and spiked in the 1980s, making it the 49th most popular boy's name during that time. Today, Jesse remains a popular name, ranking as the 165th most popular boy's name throughout the 2010s. While Jesse is primarily associated with the Hebrew meaning "God exists," it is also connected to the Hebrew name "Yishai," which means "gift".

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