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Origin: Serbia
Region Origin: Southern Europe

Jasmin is a girl's name of Persian origin, meaning "gift from God" or "jasmine flower". It is derived from the Persian word "yasamin," which refers to the jasmine flower. The name is often associated with grace, elegance, and timeless charm. The jasmine flower holds cultural significance in many countries, including Persia, India, China, and Egypt, where it is associated with beauty, sensuality, and spirituality. Jasmin has numerous variations across cultures and languages, such as Yasmine and Yasmina in French, Yasmin in Arabic, Jazmín in Spanish, and Yasmeen in Urdu. The name gained popularity in the United States, particularly among African Americans, from the 1970s, and its popularity peaked in the early 1990s after the release of the animated Disney movie "Aladdin," which featured a princess named Jasmine.

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