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Origin: Ghana
Region Origin: Western Africa

Belinda is a girl's name with Italian roots, combining a fantastical meaning with a noble sound. The name might come from the word "bella," meaning beautiful, with the suffix "-inda". Alternatively, it could be derived from the Old High German word "Betlinde," meaning "bright serpent". Another potential origin is the name Linda, from the Spanish word "Linda," meaning "pretty". Additionally, the Old Germanic word "lind," meaning "flexible," "soft," or "sensitive," might also be the source of the name Belinda. The name Belinda first arose in the 17th century and was subsequently used by Alexander Pope in his poem "The Rape of the Lock" (1712). The name has several meanings, including "beautiful" in Italian, "very beautiful" in Latin and English, "attractive" in Spanish, and "serpentine" in Italian. The name Belinda has a diverse and rich background, making it a versatile and captivating choice for a girl's name.

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