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Origin: Russian Federation
Region Origin: Eastern Europe

The name Alana has multiple origins and meanings. It is primarily derived from the Old Irish name Ailin, which means "bright and fair". In Scotland, Alana is a variation of the name Alannah, which means "dear child". The name may also come from the Hawaiian name Alamea, meaning "precious", or from the Irish word "leanbh," a term of endearment for "child". In Hebrew, Alana means "tree" and is used for children born around the time of the Jewish festival Tu B'shvat, "the Birthday of the Trees". The name likely gained popularity as a female version of the male name Alan, which has Celtic origins and means "little rock" or "handsome". Alana has different meanings depending on its origins. In Old High German, the name means "precious", while in Irish, it means "child". In Hawaiian, Alana means "harmony", and in Aramaic, it translates to "exalted," signifying a person of high rank or status. Due to the name's various meanings, many interpret it as "precious child".

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