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Origin: Netherlands
Region Origin: Western Europe

Darrin is a gender-neutral name with its roots in Irish language and culture, meaning "great". It is a variant of the Irish name Darren, which can also mean "oak tree" or "little great one". The name has several possible origins, including being a modified form of the northern French term Dairain, a habitational name denoting someone from Airaines, or being derived from the French surname D'Airelle, which means "from Airelle". In Irish mythology, the oak tree is considered sacred and a protector against wicked spirits, making the name symbolic of strength and resilience. Although originally a masculine name, Darrin has evolved to be considered a unique and modern choice for girls as well. The name has many variations, including Daren, Darian, Darin, Darion, Darien, Darren, and Derren. Some possible nicknames for Darrin are Dare, Darian, Dar-Dar, and Arrin.

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