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Origin: Kenya
Region Origin: Eastern Africa

Kevin is a boy's name of Irish descent, meaning "handsome" or "beloved". The name is derived from the Irish name Caoimhín, which originates from the elements coém (meaning "handsome") and gein (meaning "birth"). The name has a rich history, with Saint Kevin being a notable figure who founded a monastery in Dublin and later became one of the patron saints for the city. The name Kevin gained popularity in the 20th century, peaking in the 1960s and 1970s. It has been associated with various famous namesakes, including actors Kevin Costner, Kevin Bacon, and Kevin James, as well as basketball player Kevin Durant and singer Kevin Jonas. The name has also appeared in popular culture, with characters named Kevin in movies such as "Up," "Home Alone," "American Pie," and "White Chicks," as well as TV shows like "Ed," "Edd n Eddy," and "Riverdale". Despite its decline in popularity in recent years, Kevin remains a well-known and respected name.

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