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Origin: Liberia
Region Origin: Western Africa

Darcy is a gender-neutral name with origins in both Irish and French languages. The name is derived from the Irish meaning "dark" and is associated with the Irish surname Ó'Dorchaidhe, which comes from the Irish word "dorcha," meaning "dark". Darcy also has French roots, appearing as a surname during the Norman era, and means "of Arcy" from the French commune Bois d'Arcy. The name Darcy is associated with the character Fitzwilliam Darcy in Jane Austen's novel "Pride and Prejudice". In different languages, the name Darcy has variations such as Darcey, Darcie, and Darcy. The name is used as a boy's name in English-speaking countries but is considered a girl's name in Germany. Overall, the name Darcy carries meanings related to "dark" or "black-haired".

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