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baby chewing on teething toy
Baby Development

Signs of teething in babies

It’s so exciting seeing your baby reaching milestones as they grow, and that first tooth is a big one. It’s so cute seeing their little gummy smile, but teething itself can be a tough stage for babies and parents to navigate. Baby teething can often feel like a real guessing game when they aren’t able…

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three girls science experiments

10 easy science experiments you can do with your kids at home

It’s never too early to get your little ones involved and excited by STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). Science is officially cool! There are so many easy ways to get kids thinking about cause and effect and start wiring their brains for future learning. All whilst having a little fun! These simple activities can…

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mother and son laughing

12 things you need to stop feeling guilty about as a mum NOW

No matter how much we love and adore our families, as mums we need to remember that we’re only human. We need to remember to cut ourselves some slack. Some days we are the “perfect” parent (if such a thing exists) and we feel like we’re kicking goals, and some days we need to just…

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mother on laptop with daughter on her lap
Money & Finances

Family budget planning & money management tips

There’s no denying that the littlest ones in our lives can come with some of the biggest expenses. Before you had kids you probably enjoyed expensive dinners out and regular overseas holidays. Then you find yourself living on one income and it feels like you’re struggling to get ahead. Many parents struggle with the transition…

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toddler boy on potty

Tips for toilet training: When and how to potty train your toddler

Just when you get used to one stage with your little one, a new one is around the corner waiting for you! And one of those big ones is toilet training. Toilet training (or potty training as some call it) can strike fear even in the most seasoned of parents. Sure you’re sick of changing…

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mother and baby playing concrete

We need to talk about… The mental load

A friend once told me that she had given herself the title of ‘Minister of Home Affairs’ when she was on maternity leave. She had suddenly found herself doing all the things around the house, and after leaving her fancy job in the corporate world she liked having something that felt a little more official…

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Pregnant woman eating watermelon

10 foods you should eat during pregnancy

We so often hear about the foods not to eat when we’re pregnant, but what about ones that we should?  Some days you might have specific cravings, or nausea might be making all food a no-go zone. But it’s important you maintain a healthy, balanced diet as much as possible to give you and your…

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Four people walking with pram

Preparing your postpartum support network

The onesies are washed, the car seat is fitted and the hospital bag is packed… But have you organised your support network for when you and your baby return home yet? This isn’t typically something that makes it on to the checklists before you have a baby, but it is something that can have a…

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black school shoes

How to choose the right school shoes

It’s that time of the year when the overwhelm of getting kids organised for the school year kicks in. As a parent of a school-aged child, I put my hand up, I understand the dilemma of sourcing the ‘right’ gear to ensure my child has the best opportunity to thrive in class, the playground and…

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mother smiling at newborn baby
Newborn & Baby

Matrescence: The birth of the mother

When a woman is pregnant, there is so much focus on her wellbeing and how she is feeling and coping along the way. Then she has the baby the focus seems to immediately switch to the baby. How is the baby, is the baby sleeping/feeding/pooping. And the mum (and everything she has just been through)…

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