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Origin: Taiwan, Province of China
Region Origin: Eastern Asia

Spencer is a gender-neutral name of British origin with a rich history. The name is derived from the Old French word "espenser," which means "steward" or "administrator". It refers to the person who dispensed provisions in affluent households in the past, and has retained an air of sophistication throughout the centuries. The surname Spencer has its roots in the Anglo-Norman word "espenser" and the Middle English "spenser," both of which mean steward. The title was given to chief tenants of particular areas of land or stewards and butlers who were part of a noble household. The meaning and origin of the name Spencer are closely tied to its historical context. As a steward or administrator, the name has been used as both a surname and a given name, representing a position of responsibility and leadership. Over time, the name has evolved and is now given to both boys and girls, reflecting its versatility and timeless appeal.

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