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Origin: Indonesia
Region Origin: South-Eastern Asia

Alfie is a male-given name with its origins in Old English, derived from "Aelfraed," which means "elf," "counsel," and "wise". The name is also associated with the terms "ælf," which refers to counsel, and "ræd," which means advice. In some cultures, Alfie can also mean "peace" or "handsome". The name has a British origin and is popular in various works of fiction, including songs, books, movies, and TV series. The name Alfie is associated with wisdom and magical powers, as elves were considered supernatural beings with abilities beyond human comprehension. The short form of the noble name "Alfred," Alfie can also stand alone as a retro nickname, giving off spunky vibes for a spirited baby. The name Alfie has a rich background and can be interpreted in various ways, making it a versatile and meaningful choice for a baby's name.

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