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Origin: Afghanistan
Region Origin: Southern Asia

Hamish is a boy's name of Scottish origin, derived from the Gaelic name Seamus or Sheumais, and is also a variant of the Irish name Séamus. The name has been anglicized from the vocative case of the Gaelic name, making it equivalent to James. Hamish has a few famous connections, such as Scottish actor Hamish Clark and American actor Hamish Linklater. The meaning of Hamish is "supplanter" or "holder of the heel". This name has a Hebrew origin and is also related to the name Jacob. The name Hamish is associated with the Highlanders of Old Scotland and was commonly used by the Lairds or Lords of Scotland before gaining popularity as a first name. The name has regained popularity over the years, and while not directly mentioned in the Bible, it is derived from the name James, which is indirectly associated with biblical origins through "James the Just," referenced as the brother of Jesus in the Bible.

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