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Origin: Ukraine
Region Origin: Eastern Europe

The name Roman is a masculine given name that originates from the Roman Empire, specifically from Latin. It means "from Rome" or "belonging to the Roman/Byzantine Empire" and is derived from the name of the city of Rome. The name has its roots in the Latin word "Romanus," which means "citizen of Rome". In its initial sense, the title "Roman" denotes a member of the Roman Empire or someone who identifies with Roman or Byzantine culture. The name Roman has been borne by several early saints, including a 7th-century bishop of Rouen, as well as medieval rulers of Bulgaria, Kyiv, and Moldavia. The origins of the people who became the first Romans are clearer, as they were composed mainly of Latin-speaking Italic people, known as the Latins. The myths surrounding Rome's foundation combined several different stories, including the origins of the Latin people under a king by the name Latinus, Evander of Pallantium, who was said to have brought Greek culture to Italy, and a myth of Trojan origin through the heroic figure Aeneas. The actual mythical founder of the city, Romulus, is also an important part of the Roman identity. The meaning of Roman in Hindi is "Warrior," while in Punjabi, it means "Powerful and United".

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