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Origin: Italy
Region Origin: Southern Europe

Luca is a gender-neutral name of Italian origin, meaning "bringer of light" or "from Luciana". It is derived from the Latin name Lucas, which comes from the Greek Loukas, also meaning "bringer of light" or "the bright one". The name Luca is predominantly used for males, mainly in Latin America, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Romania. However, it has recently been given to babies of any gender. The name Luca has several variations, such as Luke, Lukas, Loukas, and Louka. It is commonly used in popular culture, with notable examples including the 2021 Pixar film "Luca" and the main character in the book "American Dirt". The name Luca gained popularity in the Middle Ages and has maintained its popularity through the centuries. Although predominantly an Italian name, Luca has also found popularity in North America and Latin America, particularly after 2000.

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