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Origin: Germany
Region Origin: Western Europe

Paul is a boy's name of Latin origin, derived from the Roman family name Paulus or Paullus, which means "small" or "humble". The name has a strong association with Christianity, as it is linked to the disciple Saint Paul, a key figure in spreading the teachings of Jesus and preaching the gospel in the Bible. The name Paul is popular in countries and ethnicities with a Christian heritage, including Catholicism and Protestantism. The origin of the name Paul can be traced back to the Latin adjective "paulus" or "paullus," which means "small," "humble," "least," or "little". It was a common name in Ancient Rome, and its use continued to spread throughout Europe and beyond. The name has been borne by numerous notable figures, including the famous painters Paul Cézanne and Paul Gauguin, the actor Paul Newman, the musician Paul McCartney, and the legendary American lumberjack Paul Bunyan.

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