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Origin: Germany
Region Origin: Western Europe

The name Julian has both Latin and Greek roots and is derived from the name Julianus. It is a gender-neutral name and is most often used as a boy's name, with female variants being Julianne, Julia, and Julianna. The name has multiple meanings, including "downy," "sky father," and "youthful". Julian is a name with a rich history and connection to Roman mythology. It is based on the Roman name Julianus, which was derived from Julius. The name was borne by several Roman emperors, including Julian the Apostate, who was the last pagan Roman emperor. Additionally, it was also used by several early saints, such as the legendary Saint Julian the Hospitaller. The name Julian has been used in England since the Middle Ages, initially as both a masculine and feminine name, later evolving into the feminine form Gillian.

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