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Origin: Spain
Region Origin: Southern Europe

Gemma is a girl's name of Latin origin, meaning "gem" or "jewel". It has been popular in England and Scotland, and its popularity has expanded to American shores. The name Gemma shares its namesake with an Italian saint, Gemma of Lucca, who was canonized in 1940 and is the patron of students, pharmacists, and parachutists. The name has been borne by notable figures such as Gemma Arterton, an English actress, and Gemma Chan, a British actress. The origin of the name Gemma can be traced back to medieval Italy, where it was used as a nickname meaning "gem" or "precious stone". The name was also borne by the wife of the 13th-century Italian poet Dante Alighieri. In addition to its Italian roots, the name Gemma has been adopted into English, Catalan, and Dutch cultures.

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