Origin: Greece
Region Origin: Southern Europe

Lexi is a playful, youthful-sounding given name for girls, originally a diminutive of Alexandra and Alexis. It has a Greek origin and means "man's defender". The name is derived from the Latin Alexander and the Greek name Alexandros. Lexi can be a cute nickname for its originals, such as Alexis and Alexandra, but it also stands out as a catchy name for a girl on its own. The name has been popular in various English-speaking countries, including the US, and has featured among the Top 1000 names for girls for the past few years. The meaning of Lexi comes from the Greek words "alexo," which means "to defend," and "andros," which means "man". This combination results in the interpretation of "defender of men". Some nicknames for Lexi include Lex, Lee, Rexi, and Rex, providing endearing name choices for family and friends to use. Middle names that pair well with Lexi and have two syllables can create a balanced and melodic name.

Emmy Samtani
Emmy Samtani
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