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Origin: Georgia
Region Origin: Western Asia

Ariana is a feminine name with various meanings and origins. The name is primarily of Greek origin, meaning "most holy". It is derived from the Ancient Greek name Ariadne, which is associated with "excellence" and "pure" or "sacred". Additionally, Ariana has roots in Welsh, where it means "silver". The name also has connections to the Old Persian word "airiyanem," which means "[The Land of] the Aryans". Ariana has several variants, including Ariadna (Spanish/Russian/Polish), Ariane (German), Arianne (French), and Arianna (Italian). The name is mostly used as a feminine name, with its origins in the Greek female name Ariadne. Some notable people named Ariana include Ariana Grande, a popular singer, and Ariana DeBose, an actress.

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