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Origin: France
Region Origin: Western Europe

Lauren is a given name or surname that has its origins in Latin, French, and Roman roots. The name is derived from the French name Laurence, which is a feminine version of Laurent, and is in turn derived from the Roman surname Laurentius. The name has several meanings, including "laurel tree," "sweet of honor," and "wisdom". The laurel plant, which is a symbol of victory in ancient Greece, signifies wisdom, and the term "laureate" is used to refer to someone who has achieved something significant. The name Lauren has a rich history and has been associated with various notable people, including British-French singer and record producer Lauren Bacall, American actress Lauren Bacall (1924–2014), and American journalist Lauren Brooke Baldwin. The name Lauren can be traced back to the ancient Roman city of Laurentum, which is reflected in its Latin and French origins. In French, Lauren means "crowned with laurel". The name has been adopted by both genders, although it was originally a male name.

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