Pronunciation: ba-he-e-le-he
Origin: United Kingdom

Emmy Samtani

Emmy Samtani

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Region Origin: Europe

Bailey is a gender-neutral name of British origin, with several meanings, including "berry clearing, bailiff, and city fortification". The name comes from a blend of Middle English and Old French and was once an occupational name for stewards and officials. Bailey has been trending for both boys and girls in the US for decades, likely due to its smooth pronunciation and appealing sound. The origin of the name Bailey can be traced back to the Anglo-French 'bailler' (to deliver), making it an occupational surname for a bailiff or steward. Less commonly, Bailey could also be used by those living near a castle or stronghold. The name Bailey has a long history, with some variations dating back to the mid-1500s.

Bailey Name Popularity Data

chat-overall Overall: Bailey is currently #161 on Kiindred
gender-female Boy: Bailey is currently #161 on Kiindred Boy Names
gender-male Overall Nature: Bailey is currently #66 on Kiindred Nature Names
gender-male Boy Nature: Bailey is currently #66 on Kiindred Boy Nature Names
gender-male Overall Unique: Bailey is currently #158 on Kiindred Unique Names
gender-male Boy Unique: Bailey is currently #158 on Kiindred Boy Unique Names

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Famous People Named Bailey

  • Bailey Noble: Bailey Noble is an American actress known for her roles in "True Blood," "The Last Tycoon," and "The Resident."
  • Bailey Chase: Bailey Chase is an American actor known for his roles in "Saving Grace," "Longmire," and "Queen of the South."
  • Philip Bailey: An American musician and singer, best known as a member of the band Earth, Wind & Fire. He has won seven Grammy Awards and been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.