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Origin: Georgia
Region Origin: Western Asia

Norah is a feminine name with multiple meanings and origins. It is primarily believed to be a derivative of the Irish name Nóirín, which comes from the Latin word Honora or Honorius, meaning 'honor' or 'respect'. The name also has connections to saints like Honorius of Canterbury and Honoratus of Amiens, as well as to royalty, with Honorius being a Roman emperor who ruled the western half of the Roman empire. In addition to its Latin and Irish origins, Norah is also a short form of Eleanor and a variant of Nora, which is used in several languages, including Spanish. This makes Norah a Nordic name as well, with its usage in Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish languages. The name Norah has been derived from Eleanor, making it a vintage name that has stood the test of time and remains relevant even today.

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