Pronunciation: ba-hrba-hra-h
Origin: Greece

Emmy Samtani

Emmy Samtani

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Region Origin: Europe

Barbara is a feminine name of Greek origin, derived from the word "barbaros," which means "foreign" or "strange". The name has been used in numerous languages and cultures, with various forms and spellings, such as Barbra, Barbe, and Varvara. It is most commonly associated with Saint Barbara, an early Christian martyr who was imprisoned in a tower by her father and later became the patron saint of architects, geologists, stonemasons, and artillerymen. The name Barbara has experienced a resurgence in popularity in modern times, with its timeless appeal and association with notable figures like iconic singer and actress Barbra Streisand.

Barbara Name Popularity Data

chat-overall Overall: Barbara is currently #714 on Kiindred
gender-female Girl: Barbara is currently #397 on Kiindred Girl Names
gender-male Overall Unique: Barbara is currently #705 on Kiindred Unique Names
gender-female Girl Unique: Barbara is currently #395 on Kiindred Girl Unique Names

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Famous People Named Barbara

  • Barbara Streisand: Barbra Streisand is an American singer, actress, and filmmaker known for her work in music, film, and theater.
  • Barbara Bush: Barbara Bush was the First Lady of the United States from 1989 to 1993, as the wife of President George H. W. Bush, and the mother of President George W. Bush. She passed away in 2018.
  • Barbara Palvin: Barbara Palvin is a Hungarian model known for her work with Victoria's Secret and Sports Illustrated.
  • Barbara Walters: A pioneering journalist and television personality, known for her comprehensive interviews with prominent figures such as Michael Jackson, Vladimir Putin, and Katharine Hepburn. She was the first woman to co-anchor a network evening news program and created the popular daytime talk show ""The View.""
  • Barbara Park: A children's author, known for her popular ""Junie B. Jones"" book series. She has written numerous bestselling books and has been recognized with multiple awards for her contributions to children's literature"