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Learn Through Play

Child behavioural experts Gen Muir, Emily Hanlon, and Nicole Katzenellenbogen join Kiindred founder Emmy and everyday parents to chat about how to integrate play through the everyday. 

Beating bath time worries

Washing routines can be a tricky time for our kids, but playing through the experience together can make them feel more calm and confident about it.

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How play helps to support routine

Our experts chat about how visual prompts from play can prepare children for routine, and in turn, help them regulate their emotions around it.

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Parenting educator and author Gen Muir specialises in secure attachment and connection in families with children from birth to five years. Read as she digs into the value of playing through routines and how to support your little one through their emotional rollercoasters.

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From understanding social play to bringing play into everyday life, Occupational Therapist Nicole Katzenellenbogen has a lot to share. She lends her insight into key developmental moments, and the role of creative fun in nurturing them.

Read more from Emily

As her business name – “The Playful Psychologist” – suggests, Emily Hanlon is passionate about how play fosters growth in every kid. With specialist knowledge around behavioural concerns, Emily breaks down stages of play and tips for creating routine in your family.