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Ways to give our little humans the big start they deserve

Lyndsey Rodrigues

Lyndsey Rodrigues

Lyndsey Rodrigues has worked as a writer, producer, tv host and editor and is now serving as the Head of Content here at Kiindred. She has two sons - a human one named Kai and a fur one named Memphis...and she is thoroughly obsessed with them both. Before becoming a mum, Lyndsey spent over ten years living in New York City where her hobbies included live music, architecture,...
Created on Oct 30, 2023 · 4 mins read
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Ask any parent their greatest wish, and they will almost certainly respond with “for my child to be happy and healthy.” We all just want our little ones to move through life as easily as possible and for them to be able to reach their full potential. Although we can’t control exactly how our kids’ lives will turn out, there are certain things we can do to set them up for success – starting from a young age. Here are some ways to give your little human the big start they deserve.

Surround them with books

Reading is a skill many of us take for granted, but it does not come easily for all children. For context, a 2018 Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) found that of the 14,000 Australian students tested, the percentage of illiterate 15-year-olds had grown to almost 20 per cent. Around 40 per cent of Australian students were unable to read at a “proficient standard”.

The consequences of poor literacy include trouble finding employment later in life as well as greater difficulty in making healthy choices.

By reading to our little ones, and encouraging them to develop a love of books, we can not only set them up for success, but also identify any obstacles to literacy earlier.

Teach them important life skills

Equipping children with key life skills such as cooking, cleaning, the value of things and personal hygiene can help them become more independent and self-sufficient adults.

We know that a great way to encourage learning is through play and the LEGO® DUPLO® Alphabet Truck really supports this by enabling kids to explore letters and numbers with their creativity. The stackable alphabet bricks allow them to build their own words, or match letters together by coordinating colours. The set also comes with a stereo element to encourage your little one to sing their ABCs while they play! Once they’ve clicked together their alphabet bricks, they can drive the moveable truck around, building their motor skills.

Let them explore their interests

As much as we might dream of having a child who shares our interests or follows in our footsteps, it is so important to allow them to find their own path.

Encourage your child to explore their interests and try new things – it could be a dance class, a new sport, art classes or even language classes.

By exposing our kids to plenty of different opportunities to learn and be inspired, we can really help them discover their passions and talents. This, in turn, can lead to more fulfilling careers and a wealth of valuable life experiences.

Encourage physical activity

We all know how important this one is (and how tricky it can be sometimes when the lure of the screen is ever present!).

Regular physical activity is important for a child’s physical and mental health. Encourage them to participate in sports, dance, or other physical activities they enjoy – and get involved too! Modeling positive behaviour is a key component of setting our kids up for success, so get outside with them to throw a ball around, participate in a local park run, or go for a family hike. The benefits will be tenfold and long lasting.

Help them fall in love with nature 

It has been shown that kids who find a connection with nature reap the benefits of skills such as empathy, teamwork, communication and imagination – all of which are amazing life skills to possess. So, when we are looking to give our children the big start they deserve, it can start as simply as getting out into the garden!

As Gen Muir from Connected Parenting explains, “Nature play provides many lifelong benefits across physical health, mental health and academic competency. More than ever as parents we want our kids to have a deep understanding of their role in nurturing the world they live in.

We know that nature-based learning and education improves a child’s academic performance and critical thinking, but it also fosters compassion for living things which is so important for our children now and in the future.”


Wrapping it up

Setting your little one up for their version of success is about taking a rounded approach. Not trying to squeeze them into a mold, but encouraging them to find the shape that lets them shine best. That’s one of the biggest perks of play.

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