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7 ways to inject play into every day with little ones



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Created on Oct 23, 2023 · 5 mins read
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With our busy lives, there are some things we just have to do each day that aren’t exactly a barrel of laughs – for us or our little ones. Whether it’s mealtimes, getting ready for preschool and daycare or the daily commute, it all definitely goes a whole lot smoother if they are happy to come along for the ride… As busy parents, we know how hard it can be, so in partnership with LEGO® DUPLO®we’ve come up with some easy ways to inject a little fun into even the most mundane of tasks.

1. Get them looking around

No matter what you’re doing – whether you’re in the car on the way to preschool or in the shopping aisle – you can always get your little one looking around and observing everything around them. Ask them if they can see any clouds, spot the yellow cars or if they are a bit younger, even just point to things in their surroundings and narrate for them. It might seem simple to you but remember this is all new and exciting to them.

2. Make up little games along the way

If they are getting a little antsy or bored but you’re stuck doing a task – like a grocery shop, getting them changed or even bathtime – you can make up little games to keep them interested. From helping them count how many toys they have in their room, to singing a little song in the bath or doing a little dance in the car at traffic lights.

3. Encourage them to play with toys

Their favourite toy is going to be your best friend when it comes to keeping the fun going throughout the day. We love the LEGO DUPLO Truck & Tracked Excavator set because it can be played with in so many different ways. Your little one can use the excavator to scoop up the boulders and move them around the building site which will develop their hand-eye coordination. Or, they can work on their motor skills as they connect the tipper to the dump truck to then load the boulders in.  They can then take their dump truck with them throughout the day to keep their little mind engaged during all the “boring” tasks you have to do throughout the day.

Not only does having toys at the ready make your errands run smoother (which is a major win!), but it will also encourage them to continue to play, create and imagine throughout the entire day. This is a great thing since we know just how important play is in all areas of our little one’s development.


4. Have a playlist at the ready

Having a playlist ready for car rides or for when you need to do some tidying is a must. Cranking some fun music can really change the atmosphere for both you and your little one, especially after a long day at work and preschool. When having to sit through a drive home, or when asking your child to put away their toys – why not turn it into a dance party too?

5. Let them do their own thing 

Whilst we often need to get involved to create fun for our little ones throughout the day – they also can achieve a lot when left to their own devices. Actually giving them the chance to decompress with some quiet in the backseat, or just to play with their LEGO DUPLO bricks on the floor without interference, is giving them the time to explore their own imagination.

Because as much as we try, sometimes we can’t keep up with the wondrous and creative worlds they dream up themselves during playtime. Plus, this is a great chance for you to actually have some fun of your own… like enjoying a hot coffee or spending 5 minutes in peace and quiet.

6. See things from their world 

Whilst they are often fully capable of playing by themselves, they can also benefit from us suspending our own disbelief and seeing the world from their perspective. If you hear them playing in the backseat, or coming up with scenarios at the dinner table – why not try to join in? Honestly, sometimes this may not work and they may give you that – you definitely don’t get it – look, but other times they can get a real kick out of you joining in on their play.


7. Get them outside and active

When you feel like they need a reset, or if the daily routine has them feeling a bit antsy and cooped up – getting them outdoors and doing some physical activity is a great idea to turn their mood around through play. Get them running around and using up some of that excess energy, or engage in some roleplay with them – whether you’re construction workers, fairies or even explorers, let them lead and encourage them to get lost in their little world.

As parents, it can often feel like you and your little one are stuck in pretty mundane routines… I mean there is a lot to get done each day! But finding simple and easy ways to inject some fun into these daily tasks can really help lift everybody’s mood. Encouraging your child to engage in imaginative play is a great way to nurture their development – all while having a lot of fun which you can enjoy together.

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