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Origin: Indonesia
Region Origin: South-Eastern Asia

Sonny is a male given name of Anglo-Saxon origin, meaning "son" or "young boy". It is derived from the English word "son," which is taken from the word "sunu". The name originated as a nickname or diminutive of Italian names like Salvatore, Santino, or even Emerson, and has been used as an affectionate name for a younger person or to address someone considered young. The name Sonny has its roots in the Anglo-Saxon and Proto-Germanic languages, with Close connections to the English word "son" and the Proto-Germanic term "sunu". It has also been used as a derivative of the English word "Son," a name derived from the Ancient Germanic element *sunn meaning "sun". Apart from these origins, Sonny has also been used as a nickname derived from Italian names like Salvatore, Santo, or Santino, mostly in North America amongst Italian Americans.

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