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Origin: Netherlands
Region Origin: Western Europe

Robyn is a gender-neutral name with roots in the German language, meaning "bright fame". It is a spelling variation of the popular English name Robin, which also means "bright" or "shining". Historians believe that Robyn is a Norman name and a pet form of the masculine name Robert, composed of two Germanic elements: "Hrod," meaning "fame," and "berhtl," meaning "famous" or "bright". The name Robyn is popular in various cultures and languages, with variations such as Robin, Brechtje (Dutch), Roberte (French), Roberta and Robertina (Italian), Roberta (Portuguese), and Roberta, Robertina, and Ruperta (Spanish). The name Robyn is associated with positive qualities like cheerfulness and a free spirit, as it is connected to the American Robin, a small, red-breasted bird known for its melodious songs and symbolizing long-standing springtime. The name has been borne by many famous figures, such as Robyn M. Denholm, an Australian businesswoman who succeeded Elon Musk as chair of Tesla, Inc., and Robyn Lawley, a famous model who has been on the cover of Vogue Italia.

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