Pronunciation: bro-hnwe-e-n
Origin: Wales

Emmy Samtani

Emmy Samtani

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Region Origin: Europe

Bronwyn is a girl's name of Welsh origin, meaning "fair, blessed breast" or "white raven". It is an anglicized version of the Welsh name Bronwen, derived from the words 'bron,' meaning 'breast' and 'gwen,' meaning 'white,' 'fair,' 'blessed'. The name Bronwyn is a variation of Branwen, which also means "white raven" or "fair, blessed breast". While white ravens exist in the animal kingdom, they are rare and few in number. The name Bronwyn has been in use in Wales since the 19th century and is a traditional name.

Bronwyn Name Popularity Data

chat-overall Overall: Bronwyn is currently #652 on Kiindred
gender-female Girl: Bronwyn is currently #345 on Kiindred Girl Names
gender-male Overall Unique: Bronwyn is currently #643 on Kiindred Unique Names
gender-female Girl Unique: Bronwyn is currently #343 on Kiindred Girl Unique Names

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Famous People Named Bronwyn

  • Bronwyn Bancroft: Bronwyn Bancroft is an Australian artist and designer known for her work in textiles, illustration, and painting, and for her contributions to Indigenous Australian art.
  • Bronwyn Oliver: Bronwyn Oliver was an Australian sculptor known for her intricate and large-scale metal sculptures. She passed away in 2006.
  • Bronwyn Pike: Bronwyn Pike an Australian politician who served as the Minister for Health in the state of Victoria.
  • Bronwyn Donaghy: Bronwyn Donaghy was an Australian author known for her books on social issues, including "Anna's Story," which addresses the impact of drugs on young people. She passed away in 2002.
  • Bronwyn Turei: is a New Zealand actress and singer who has gained recognition for her roles in several television shows and films.