Origin: United Kingdom
Region Origin: Wales

Rhys is a masculine name of Welsh origin, meaning "ardent" or "enthusiasm". The name has deep roots in Welsh culture and can be traced back to Deheubarth, a region in South West Wales, where many Welsh kings and noblemen have borne this name. Derived from the Old Welsh name Ris, its meaning also encompasses qualities such as 'ardor' and 'fiery warrior'. The name Rhys has been used throughout history for notable figures, such as the 12th-century king Rhys ap Gruffydd, who fought against the invading Normans. Additionally, the name has been used as a surname, with the patronymic form "ap Rhys" meaning 'son of Rhys'. Today, Rhys is a popular given name for boys and can also be spelled as Rhŷs in its Welsh form.

Emmy Samtani
Emmy Samtani
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